TRESOR contemporary craft shows the collectibles of the future

TRESOR contemporary craft, Europe’s fair for high-end craft and contemporary applied arts, will open its doors 21–24 September 2017 in Basel.

TRESOR contemporary craft presents a novel show concept that brings together galleries specializing in applied arts worldwide, first-rate makers | artists as well as promising young talent. They will showcase exciting trends and innovations in 21st century craft from a wide range of disciplines in which art, architecture and design intersect. The works will be either unique or produced in a small series and appeal to international collectors, specialists, architects, designers, interior designers, makers | artists, students, tastemakers and a discerning broad audience.

TRESOR contemporary craft is more than just an attractive marketplace at which the curious can marvel at the best that contemporary applied arts has to offer. TRESOR contemporary craft is a platform that tells the stories behind the work and hosts a curated program of events called «TRESOR Encounters».

TRESOR contemporary craft promises to forge a new community of innovative craft creators and collectors who are stylish, innovative and have a confident feel for handcrafted art. TRESOR contemporary craft will feature the collectibles of the future.

Opening Ceremony and Vernissage

Living Craft Tradition – Blanc de Chine

TRESOR’s annual feature Living Craft Tradition will explore a longstanding craft form that still finds contemporary expression. The inaugural Living Craft Tradition showcase will be dedicated to Blanc de Chine porcelain, which has been in production in China since the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644), and is presented in partnership with Ting-Ying….

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Craft Is To Be In The Future

For many people, to think about craft is to think about the past. Bear with me and just reverse it: think about craft as something that has always been a crucial part of the future. Otherwise, how could we—in a world that is not only mechanized but digitalized—reintroduce the importance of us humans? It is not right to present as poles the two worlds of the digital and the handmade. We must consider untouched, machine-made goods with the same force and passion …

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TRESOR contemporary craft, the new international platform for high-end craft and contemporary applied arts, is pleased to announce…

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TRESOR meets Sotheby’s Zurich

During Season Opening of Zurich Galleries on August 24, TRESOR took part with a Preview at Sotheby’s Zurich.

Successful TRESOR 2017


The curated spaces within the fair are complementary to the participating galleries. The spaces will be thematically arranged according to the different materials used in the exhibited works: ceramics, fibre, glass, metal, wood, and new materials (3d compounds) etc.

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